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I fell asleep, and the Universe wrote 5 pages of a dialogue in my novel for me!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023


I did not intend to reveal this till the day I become a very famous celebrity writer, but I've decided to share this sooner rather than later. What could be responsible for this mystery? ghosts? aliens or paranormal activity? the list goes on, but one thing that eventful day taught me was that if your mind is at peace, and you want something really badly, and if you are willing to back it up with some honest endeavour, the universe will surely manifest and assist you with her magic.

So, while I was writing the manuscript for my published novel, "Oja and the Parrot's curse" a friend of mine invited me out for his birthday, I came back home after having indulged a bit too much with the drinks he offered at the event. It was like a reunion of friends and in those sort of environments, saying no is not an option (Believe me, it is not, you will be coerced to cooperate!) I came home in a cab, without my full faculties intact, and the last thing I remembered was sitting on my dining table, on my laptop typing away, then I fell asleep on that dining table on my reclining chair.

When I finally woke up, I stared at my wrist watch and realised it was 5am that day, which was Saturday. Then I began to try and recollect why on earth I had woken up on my table and what on earth I had done to my manuscript as I panicked. When I logged in to check, what I saw will remain an unsolved mystery for the rest of my life! someone or should I say, something had written pages 193; paragraph 4 - page 198 of my manuscript, and the dialogue ended up being the most intriguing in the novel, between the protagonist and another character I called "The Sorcerer"

My initial intention was to delete the jargon I had been writing all night as I did not remember if I even wrote anything at all, but when I read through it, it made perfect sense so, I kept it in the manuscript which I submitted to the publisher, and that work got published.

Well, for those of you who believe in ghosts, God, aliens or spooky stories, this is one for you for I can tell you that someone wrote that entire dialogue on my behalf and it surely was not me. The entity understood the assignment and helped me out whilst I was helpless.

I think I know who intervened and wrote that dialogue for me, it wasn't a ghost nor an alien,


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